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Warm Welcome to Neighbors in Spokane WA and Viewers of KXLY 4

May 14, 2010 by Carline · 26 Comments

A warm welcome to all the neighbors in Spokane, WA, its neighborhood cities, and KXLY viewers.  Spokane is a great city and we are honored to have the Spokane neighbors connecting online using ToolzDO and to be one of Colleen OBrien’s “Cool Clicks“.

We’ve always thought of ToolzDO as a “cool” site and a tool.  It is good to have others think the same and that we are not just blowing our horns.

Colleen also put a shout out on KXLY blog to her Latah Valley neighbors to join her on ToolzDO, swap and share tools, and help spread the word.

She is right.  The more neighbors in your neighborhood on ToolzDO the more fun and useful it becomes.

Many thanks to Colleen OBrien for kick starting, as she puts it, the “ToolzDO revolution” in East Washington.

Start swapping tools with neighbors now!

Carline and the ToolzDO team

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