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Forum Directly Delivers Messages to Relatives in the U.S. From Loved Ones Who Survived the Earthquake in Haiti

January 16, 2010 by Carline · 34 Comments

Credit: REUTERS/Christinne Muschi

Credit: REUTERS/Christinne Muschi

We are committed to helping our neighbors in Haiti and neighbors in the U.S. who have loved ones in Haiti. Having gone through the turmoil of not having status of my loved ones in Haiti after the earthquake, I understand the anxiety of waiting to hear about the welfare of family and friends.

There are many sites for missing persons but the relatives are left to find, search and dig through all these sites hoping to find some information. Furthermore, many relatives do not have computer access or are not computer literate or internet savvy. This result in much needed information left undiscovered and undelivered.

I have created a special category to add missing and found victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Furthermore, we will contact relatives if contact information is provided. This is an extra step to help bring the news faster and give much needed peace and more hope to both victims and relatives.

If you are on the grounds in Haiti and have information about someone and their family, post it here. Messages from Haiti with contact information (phone, etc.) will be directly delivered to relatives in the US or other countries. If you are an organization with relief workers in Haiti, partner with us to help connect neighbors to their loved ones in Haiti.

Go now to HAITI SURVIVOR MESSAGES to see the posts and submit new posts.  Please share with everyone impacted by this earthquake.

This is just one way to help our neighbors in Haiti. Here are many others ways to help.

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