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HOW TO: Sell Your Stuff Safely, Fast and for Free

February 27, 2010 by Carline · 19 Comments

Selling on ToolzDO is easy as 1-2-3 and lots of fun. In the old days the community marketplace was all about trading and people traded what they had, like corn, horse, cow, tools, etc. for what they wanted with members of their community? Oh, including cash!

Well selling on ToolzDO is like the old days — Swap your stuff for cash!

  1. Add your item as a Swap item.
  2. End your title, with the monetary value you place on the item (how much you are asking in dollars $).
  3. Add “Gladly swap for cash” in your description or “Swap for cash ONLY” if you do not want any other kind of offers.

Like this inversion table for swap for cash.

You can sell really fast on ToolzDO.  Your offers are displayed in searches and in your profile. So not only will your items be easily found with a search on ToolzDO but more neighbors will know of your offers as they visit your profile and pass the word to friends or family who may have an exact need.

It is easy to share the good stuff found on ToolzDO – just use the Share button.

Anytime you post to the Forum or share your project, neighbors check out your profile and your offers get more exposure.  Only ToolzDO offers multiple ways for your items to be found so you sell faster.

Selling on ToolzDO is also safer.  It is not anonymous.  Everyone on ToolzDO has a profile displaying their contributions to the community. You can also negotiate privately without revealing email or other contact info.

If you also accept other kinds of offers, you may actually get an offer for a swap that is higher in value than what you are asking for or you may get a real gem, just like the old days.

Remember, the more we reuse as a a community the better it is for the environment. Lastly, the more neighbors on ToolzDO, the more effective the tool is in selling faster.

Happy selling…oops…I mean swapping!

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